“Net Art for Tolerance”, Youth Exchange: What is xenophobia and how to deal with it?

Let’s see how often when we meet with an unknown person or a new idea, we react with suspicion, even with fear? We are afraid of foreigners, we don’t believe them in advance, very often we are led by standard stereotypes and don’t see a person behind them. Because of this, it is so difficult to understand each other, to hear and accept another point of view.
But what if we learn not to judge a person only by appearance, or because of his nationality, or if he is dressed differently from us? What if we can hear each other, understand each other’s values, understand our actions?

Xenophobia is the fear of everything foreign and unfamiliar,  intense or irrational dislike or fear of people from other countries . Very often we fear our new neighbors of a different nationality, people with disabilities, and people of a different faith …. but do we really have no points of contact that will allow us to respect and appreciate each other?
We are sure that they are!
And we offer to find them together.

Culture Association “Alternate Reality” is running International Youth Exchange project 2019-1-LV02-KA105-002464 “Net Art for Tolerance”

Aims of the project:
to promote the awareness of tolerance and socially active opposition to xenophobia among young people, including young people with fewer opportunities and disabilities.

Project objectives:

  • to provide to young people with deeper knowledge about
    xenophobia, tolerance, minorities;
  • to analyze xenophobia and minorities challenges in the
    participating countries and in the wider
    context, and to look for solutions on different levels;
  • to promote responsible and tolerant behavior among young
  • to give young people a space for beginning of social and
    creative self expression
  • to promote active citizenship of young people, esp. in the field
    of tolerance, xenophobia and rights of
  • to promote inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities
    through providing them opportunities
    to participate on the equal level in the international youth
  • to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue and tolerance
    between young people from different
    countries through sharing, learning and working together in the
    international team;
  • to promote sense of initiative of young people through working
    on the solutions to the global issues
    and organizing own community actions;
  • to promote international cooperation between youth
    organisations in the sphere of non-formal
    education of young people through working together on the
    international project.

Project dates: 31 Aug – 09 Sep, 2019

Project place: Paphos, Cyprus

Partners: Latvia, Cyprus, Italy, FYROM, Romania, France

Participants: 5 young people 18-25 y.o. from each Partner organizations, and 1 groupleader from each group (18 + no age limit)

If you want to take a chance to participate in the project, please fill

Before filling in Participation Form, please read full INFO-PACK carefully!

A project is approved by Latvian National Agency (Agency for International Programs for Youth) in 2019 and co-funded by Erasmus+ programme of European Union.

The project Net Art For Tolerance was financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This
publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.

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