Demokrātijai ikviens ir svarīgs!

Kultūras biedrība “Alternatīvā Realitāte” īsteno projektu NVO fonda 2020 programmas ietvaros: “Diskusiju cikls “Demokrātijas ikviens ir svarīgs!”” Projekta Nr. 2020.LV/NVOF/MIC/042/29 Projekta laikā no 01.02.2020. līdz

Alternate Reality: explore the world – explore yourself

The cultural society “Alternative Reality” is a platform for self-expression, awareness of one’s goals, self-development and application of one’s knowledge. A place for awareness of oneself and one’s place in the world, and opportunities for interaction with it.
This is a place where different people, eras, philosophies and generations come together to create a dynamic, positive and diverse development stream that will overwhelm you too!