Society and Art: A Step forward to Each Other

How can the community help young artists start to realize their ideas?
A capital of Cyprus Nicosia has found a way to support the ideas of young artists while reducing empty shop windows in the city center.

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Open call for Erasmus+ youth exchange in Georgia

You are 18-30 y.o., ready to explore and learn something new, meet new friends and new cultures? Ready to travel to amazing country for new experience and sharing your own vision? We invite active, responsible young people with good English skills, ready to participate in international non-formal educational project in Georgia.

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You are not welcome: xenophobic fears

The literal translation of xenophobia is the fear of something strange, alien. When talking about xenophobia, some people use this psychological term, which is not particularly correct. In a more general sense, we talk about xenophobia in the negative sense, using the political definition of the term.

To simplify, let’s imagine that you are walking through the woods, and a giant creature,

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Summer camp “Golden Dracon Order 2019”

June 29 – July 09 we are running our summer camp for children 9-14 y.o.

It is a summer camp with adventures for young  knights and amazones, with fencing, arrow shooting, knight tournaments, learning how to cooperate and communicate in team, to help and support each other.

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YE “Net Art for Tolerance”: What is xenophobia and how to stop our fears?

Let’s see how often when we meet with an unknown person or a new idea, we react with suspicion, even with fear? We are afraid of foreigners, we don’t believe them in advance, very often we are led by standard stereotypes and don’t see a person behind them. Because of this, it is so difficult to understand each other, to hear and accept another point of view.
But what if we learn not to judge a person only by appearance, or because of his nationality, or if he is dressed differently from us? What if we can hear each other, understand each other’s values, understand our actions?

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Discussion club “xeNOphobia”, Riga, 22.05.2019.

Culture Association “Alternate Reality” is starting new Solidarity project regarding xenophobia and discrimination issues in modern society. During the project will be organized 6 or more social public events of discussion club, with free discussion about these actual topics.

xeNOphobia Diskusiju klubs presents the first social event of the Solidarity project about topic: What is xenophobia – European countries experience

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Our mistakes and how to deal with them?

April 17, the Alternative Reality Club hosted an event dedicated to our mistakes and what they can teach us. Impressed by the training course in Hungary,”What Could Go Wrong? How to Deal With Meestaeks in Erasmus+ projects TC”, we not only shared our mistakes and methods to overcome them, but also mastered clown techniques for improvisation and self-expression.
I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate in this fantastically rich training course under the guidance of excellent trainers. He helped me to take another look at the mistakes made and to change my attitude towards them, and this is a very valuable experience for self-development in the future.

ESC Quality Label

We are proud to inform that Latvian National Agency (Agency for International Programs for Youth) is approved our Application for
European Solidarity Quality Label for volunteering, traineeships and jobs .

Quality Label No: 2018-1-LV02-ESC52-00244

Latvian group in Erasmus+ Youth Exchange “Back to Reality!” (Crete)

During amazing 10 days from October 10 till October 19, 2018  Latvian team of Culture Association “Alternate Reality” was visiting sunny Crete and participating in international Youth Exchange “Back to Reality!”. 

Young people from Greece, Latvia, Bulgaria, Sweden, Georgia and Poland came together for the project bout green life style, environment issues, vegetarianism and healthy life.

We discussed a lot about Erasmus+ projects and non-formal education, how important it is for young people, how many possibilities it takes to see whole new world, get new friends, new skills, new vision of life.

  We discussed about environmental issues in our countries and how we can reduce them. What we can do for living more green life, reducing waste and pollution, what is vegeterianism bout and how it impact our lifes.

We prepared presentations, we played games, we learned to dance, and first of all we’ve met new amazing friends from so different countries and cultures!

Also we made a funny video about our project as SKIBIDI Challenge:

For showing to local public how important is pollution issue and waste management, we went to the Chania city and cleaned streets from the waste.

Our big thanks and warm hugs to Maria – coordinator of the project, she is absolute awesome and one of the kindest people in the world!

Latvian team is ready to start a new project together! 

“Wake up in the morning – clean up your planet!” Erasmus+ Youth Exchange for eco-responsible behavior

 42 youngsters from 6 countries was taking part in the 2nd phase of the international project – Youth Exchange “Action in ECO Direction”. Latvian group of 7 participant and 1 group leader was taking part together with 5 other groups of young people 18-25 y.o. from Italy, Czech Republic, Moldova, Armenia and Ukraine, in Okhtyrka, Ukraine at September 10-19, 2018. 

The project was aimed to eco-friendly behavior, responsible thinking, understanding and solving environment issues, green life style was also aimed to reducing, recycling and upcycling wasted materials to create more responsible attitude to resurses of the nature.

The first past of the project was held in Latvia at June 16-25, 2018. Participants had discussions about environmental problems, possibilities for reducing waste, and reuse wasted materials. They also have build a playground for kids using wasted and reused materials.

The second part of the project was held in Ukraine, where youth exchange participants had organized upcycling workshops for school students in Sumy. During the master class process, the students, together with the project participants, learned to create candlesticks, bags, school accessories and other useful and beautiful things from secondary materials.

  • We have amazing experience to explore different upcylcing workshops, to try them by ourselves and then to make these workshops together with Ukrainian children from Sumy city – said participant from Armenia Mishel Yeghizaryan
  • If we look around, we will definitely see a number of things that we can use in some other way, rather than throwing out, increasing garbage – said participant from Ukraine Anna Karas.

As the great writer Antoine de Saint-Ekziperi described in his book The Little Prince: “Get up in the morning – clean up your planet!”

International Youth Exchange “Action in ECO Direction” was organized by Culture Association “Alternate Reality” together with Partners from 6 European countries and Partner countries.

The project “Action in ECO Direction”was financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.