About us


Green_tree_logo_curv2Culture Association “Alternate Reality” is based in 2013 by the group of enthusiasts for a purspose to learn people to see life in different angle, thinking “out of a box”, getting more active participation in social life.

Our projects – culture and social projects with local volonteers, based on helping to different socials groups of society, especially to children in orphanats and youth.


We also organize multi-culture festivals, helping people to be actively involved in project organizational process, making people more active in social life, especially yangsters and students. Our open space festival-carnival “Count of May” is the bigget spring carnival in Baltic states, and every year a thousands of people are participating in carnival program as well as in organizational and stuff support based on volunteers. More about annual festival “Count of May” in Riga read here.

For youth mobility we organize Youth exchanges supported by Erasmus+ program.

More about actual project of Youth exchange “Splashes of Diversity” read here.

One of our projects – social project “Mandarinu Zeme” (MandarinLand). Started in 2013 and continuing every year, we are organizing interactive Christmas events for children, where 50% children from latvian orphanats and internats are taking part.

Project also is organized by volunteers, and every year almost 300 children from Latvian orphanats participates in it, plat intercative games based on communication and social intergration, get sweet presents from Santa and a lot of mandarines form our partners and friend. What is more important – these children get love from our volunteers and good feeling about people around them.

More about project “Mandarinu Zeme” read here.