We believe that we should always start with ourselves.
Only a spiritually and diversified person is in harmony with himself and with the world around.

Then a person seeks to share his inner light with the world, not to multiply evil, but to multiply good.
This is what we are striving for.

Our mission is to encourage the versatile self-development of the individual in order to reveal their psychological, physical and emotional potential and create opportunities for the use of individual talents for the benefit of society.


Inclusion • Solidarity • Creativity • Self-development • Collaboration • Diversity Equality • Openness • Willingness to changes • Ecology • Breadth of mind • Art • Health • Professionalism • Trust


Social inclusion • Human rights • Youth participation • Wellbeing • Active citizenship • Combating discrimination and xenophobia • Gender equality • Multiculturalism • Ecology and sustainable environment


Non-formal education • Volunteering • Peer education • Discussions Mentoring • Digital discussion • Intercultural learning • Creative learning methods • Sports activities • Expressing one’s opinion • Street art

Erasmus+ project “I love EU”, Itālija, 2019
  • Our Goals:
  • to support the active participation of young people and citizens in various spheres of public life,
  • to promote young people’s personal development and democratic citizenship, democratic laxity
  • to promote volunteering and the mobility of young people;
  • developing critical thinking, especially among young people
    • promoting sport, a healthy lifestyle,
  • promoting European values, especially in the field of youth
  • Promote and strengthen “green” positive habits, especially among young people
  • Promote the uptake of digital technologies in youth work
  • Support the integration of minorities from different social, economic, national and ethnic groups. and the development of the abilities and potential of young people with disabilities through various non-formal learning methods, such as sports, music, theater, dance, painting, and the organization of public events.

Our target audiences:

  • Children and young people, especially those from vulnerable groups, including pupils in orphanages and boarding schools, representatives of national and other minorities
  • young people with fewer opportunities who face social, economic barriers, educational difficulties and health problems on a daily basis, including young people in a NEET situation
  • young people with special needs
  • young people from different cultural and social backgrounds
  • youth workers who want to acquire new innovative skills in youth work and expand their knowledge base
  • local community citizens
  • decision makers

Regular projects and daily activities of the organization:
• regular educational projects for children and young people that promote personal development and self-awareness through the acquisition of new skills through non-formal learning methods
• cultural projects involving volunteers: events, festivals, sports games – with the aim of promoting active citizenship, solidarity, self-esteem, learning to work in a team and acquiring new communication skills
• summer training inclusive camps for children and adolescents, the aim of which is social inclusion, development of leadership qualities, multifaceted personal development, development of new communicative skills, self-esteem
• the fight against xenophobia and discrimination against people on the basis of nationality, ethnicity or religion, social status – discussion clubs are organized by the young people themselves
• charity projects to promote social inclusion and active citizenship
• Environmental projects related to the European Green Course
• integration projects, especially for children and young people at risk of social exclusion
• prevention of violence in the youth environment, i.e. organization of individual mentoring programs and inclusive activities for young people in the NEET situation
• Helping women and children who are victims of violence, combating domestic violence – discussion clubs organized by young people inviting experts

That’s why our social projects bring together so many active, inspired people year after year, volunteers who are ready to help create something special that goes beyond everyday life and makes this world a little better.
Why are we doing this? We just live that way and believe in what we do. Those who support our goals join and create projects with us.

In 2013 The Alternative Reality Cultural Association was set up by a group of enthusiasts, experts in the organization of social and cultural projects to promote the development and social inclusion of the local community, especially children and young people with fewer opportunities and special needs.

To work together, we work with families, local authorities, orphans, social associations and city administrations, high schools and universities to develop projects. Alternative Reality implements both international and local projects at the national level.


OID: E10038082

PIC: 912148425

PIF: AltReality-PIF.pdf

Since 2017 We are active in the Erasmus + program.

We have experience in organizing, coordinating and sending youth exchanges with the support of the European Union’s Erasmus + program.
We coordinated and managed several projects in Latvia, Cyprus and Ukraine, as well as participated in several projects in Italy, Greece and Ukraine. , Georgia, France.

Culture Association Alternative Reality aims to:
• increase the role of civil society in the development and implementation of youth policy in European countries and countries neighboring the EU;
• promote the personal development of young people and children, especially those with disabilities;

• focusing on mutual respect, empathy and tolerance of children and adolescents;
• promoting intercultural dialogue as a tool for resolving common problems and conflicts; • focusing on human rights and personal restrictions;
• Recognizing the importance of social cohesion and its role in the development of multicultural communities.

Our idea is to develop a youth community, to develop young people as strong people with good social and entrepreneurial skills who gain both experience and enjoyment in the process of self-education.
We are a relatively new non-governmental organization, but we are very interested in participating in the Erasmus + program, such as the new exchanges and training courses, and we are planning a strategic partnership with reliable partners in the youth field.

Erasmus+ projekts “Net Art for Tolerance” Kipra, 2019

Based on our experience; we can say that as a coordinator we were actively involved in all stages of the youth exchange and training: planning, defining the roles and responsibilities of the project partners, meetings, training, logistics, communication between all partners, project planning and project promotion. disseminating the results through our websites and organizing information sessions for local young people to ensure the visibility of the projects.

As a Partner organization, we have been actively involved in all stages of youth exchanges and training:

  • Communication with partners at all stages of the project,
  • Project promotion,
  • Selection of suitable participants according to the partner profile,
  • Planning and implementation of preparatory actions ( before departure),
  • preparation of participants and travel plan,
  • management of administrative procedures and all technical and organizational aspects,
  • management of participant flows
  • Relationship management with foreign partners and actors;
  • Planning and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities;
  • Planning and implementation of follow-up activities
  • Dissemination of results and project visibility activities

In 2021 Culture Association Alternate Reality has approved Erasmus Accreditation in Youthwork field for regular work in Erasmus+ programme.

Accreditation No. 2020-1-LV02-KA150-YOU-003791 valid till 31.12.2027.

European Solidarity Corps

Cultural Association “Alernatīvā Realitāte” has been implementing volunteer projects since 2018, involving young people from all over Europe.

In 2021 we had re-approved Accreditation of European Solidarity Corps Quality Label for volunteering and traineeship projects as a partner organization and lead organization.

Accreditation No. 2021-1-LV02-ESC50-QLA-000003763 valid until 31.12.2027.

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