About us

Our motto: “Explore the world – explore yourself”

We believe that all changes always should start with yourself.
Only when a person is developed spiritually and diversified, is in peace and harmony with his inner world, he is ready to share his light with a world. Is ready not to multiply evil in the world, but to multiply good – not only for himself, but also for others.

Our priorities:

  • social inclusion
  • multiculturalism and culture diversity
  • personal self-development
  • life-long education
  • awareness about xenophobia and discrimination
  • international multiculture dialog including young people and all levels of authorities
  • thinking “out-of-a-box”
  • inclusion of young people in all stages of social life
  • charity
  • volunteering
  • ecology according to European Green Deal
  • culture and art

That is why our social projects collect so many active, inspired people, volunteers who are ready to help in creating something that goes beyond everyday life.

Why do we do it?

This is what we believe. Many people who has the same feeling – are joining and starting to create projects together with us.

Our activities and projects
  • non-formal education projects for children and young people by Erasmus + programme
  • volunteering projects for teams and individuals by European Solidarity Corpse
  • solidarity projects on national level
  • cultural projects involving volunteers: holiday events, festivals, seminars
  • summer camps for children and youngsters
  • overcoming of xenophobia and discrimination of people on a national, racial, religious basis
  • charity projects
  • environmental projects according to European Green Deal
  • integration and social inclusion projects
  • prevention of violence among the youth
  • assistance to women and children who are victims of violence

In 2013, the Culture Association “Alternate Reality” was founded by a group of enthusiasts, experts in the field of organizing social and cultural projects, with the aim of promoting social integration and personal development of the local society, especially children and young people with disabilities.
We want to support the active participation of young people in various areas of public life, to promote personal development and democratic citizenship, volunteering and youth mobility; develop critical thinking, promote sports and a healthy lifestyle, support the development of the abilities and potential of various social and ethnic groups of young people and young people with disabilities, using various methods such as sports, music, theater, dancing, painting, organizing social events.

To achieve our goals, we work with families, local authorities, orphans, public associations and city administrations, high schools and universities, and we develop joint and independent projects. “Alternative reality” implements both international and local projects at the national level.
Since 2017, we have been engaged in international projects on youth awards within the framework of the Erasmus + program. Since then, we have coordinated two double youth exchanges in Latvia and Ukraine, and also participated as partners in another 3 international exchanges in Greece, Ukraine, and Crete.

Alternate Reality realizes domestic cultural and social projects for youth and children, such as culture festivals and social community actions, involving youngsters as volunteers in each phase of organization.



OID: E10038082

PIC: 912148425

PIF: PIF-Alternate-Reality.pdf

Since 2017 we are taking part in Erasmus+ projects.

We have experience as organizing, coordinating, sending and hosting organization in Youth exchanges projects supported by Erasmus+ Program by European Union.

We coordinated and hosted  3 projects 2 in Latvia about culture and eco-friendly lifestyle in Latvia, and 1 project in Cyprus about xenophobia issues. We also are partners and had sent our youngsters to several projects in Ukraine, Italy, France, Georgia, Greece.

Alternate Reality aims at:

  • Increasing civil society’s role in youth policy development and in implementation in the European countries and EU neighbour countries;
  • Contributing to personal development of youngsters and children, especially with fewer opportunities;
  • Raising awareness on respect, empathy and tolerance between children and youngsters;
  • Promoting intercultural dialogue as a tool for solving common issues and conflicts;
  • Focusing on issues related to human rights and acceptance of personal limitations;
  • Emphasizing social cohesion and its role in developing multicultural communities.

Our idea is to develop our city youth community, to grow young persons as strong personalities with good social and entrepreneurship skills and to have good experience, comfort and fun from this process.

We are relatively young youth non-governmental organization, but we are very interesting in participation in Erasmus + programme such as Youth Exchanges and Training courses.

Alternate Reality is a sender and a host organization for youngsters to help them to improve their competences; become aware of socially relevant topics/thematic areas, discover new cultures, habits and life-styles, strengthen values like solidarity, democracy, friendship and so on.

Our all experiences in coordinating and hosting youth projects are as follows;

  • 2017-2-LV02-KA105-001721: Splashes of Diversity: SOD is a Youth Exchange organized by Alternate Reality in Latvia and Ukraine . Youth Exchange has 2 parts, aimed to cultural exchange and about refugee’s and migrant’s issues. All 6 partner organizations in the first part of the project performed a theatrical performance about European Values, Tolerance, Discrimination to local public in Sumy, Ukraine, and in the second part of the project organized a photo exhibitionin Riga, Latvia, “From life to life” with photos and real life stories of refugees and migrants from dangerous zones.
  • 2018-1-LV02-KA105-002048- Action in ECO Direction : AED is a Youth Exchange organized by Alternate Reality in Latvia and Ukraine. Youth Exchange has 2 parts, aimed to promote eco-friendly behaviour and eco-responsible life style, reducing, reusing and upcycling of materials. In the 1st part of the project in Kesterciems, Latvia, all 6 partners together created a playground for children from re-used and upcycled materials for local children. In the 2nd part of the project in Sumy, Ykraine, all 6 partners made a upcycling workshops for local public, promoting responsible and creative thinking about saving environment.
  • 2019-1-LV02-KA105-002464 Net Art for Tolerance: Youth exchange in Cyprus aimed to raise awareness about xenophobia issues in our society. As a results 36 participants from 6 EU countries created a web-platform http://www.tolerart.com with the aims to speak about xenophobia through art. This platform gives opportunity to everyone to express theirs opinion about xenophobia through different kid of art.

Based on our experiences; we can say that as a coordinator, we have been actively involved in all stages of youth exchanges and training courses: planning, defining roles and responsibilities of project partners, meetings, preparation, logistics, communication between all partners involved, arranging project timetables, as well as promotion of projects and dissemination of their results through our Internet pages and by organizing informative sessions for the local youth for better visibility.

Our all experiences as a sender are as follows;

  • Ukraine – Splashes of Diversity (part 1) YE 2017/2018
  • Greece – Training course Gender+ TC 2017
  • Ukraine – Action in ECO Direction (part 2) YE 2018
  • Crete – Back to Reality YE 2018
  • Greece – Trip to Tolerance (TC) 2018
  • Georgia – Challenge Diversity (YE) 2019

Based on our experiences; we can say that as a sender organization, we have been actively involved in all stages of youth exchanges and training courses: Communication with the Partners during the all stages of project, Promotion of the project,  Selection of suitable participants according to the partner profile,  Planning and implementation of the preparation activities (before the departure),  Preparation of the participants and their travel plan and tasks, Management of administrative procedures and all technical and organizational aspects, Management of the flows of participants, Management of the relationship with foreign partners and with participants,  Planning and implementation of monitoring and evaluation activities,- Planning and implementation of the follow up activities, and Disseminating the results and work towards better visibility.

More about our actual and upcoming projects of Erasmus+ see here – BLOG

European Solidarity Corps – Quality Label

We are proud to inform that Latvian National Agency (Agency for International Programs for Youth) is approved our Application for
European Solidarity Quality Label for volunteering, traineeships and work.

Quality Label No: 2018-1-LV02-ESC52-00244

“Alternate Reality”:

Explore the world – explore yourself!

It is a place where different ages, people, philosophies and generations blend together to create a dynamic, positive and diverse flow of self-development that fascinates you too!