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Aicinam jaunus, aktīvus un radošus brīvprātīgos 18-30 g!

Grupas brīvprātīgā darba projektam “Maija grāfa svētki: vienoti dažadībā” aicinam jaunus aktīvus un radosus cilvekus vecuma no 18 līdz 30 gadiem! Projekta mērķis: organizēt multikultūras pasākumu “Maija grāfa svētki” Rīgā, 30.08.2020 Kas var pieteikties? jaunieši no 18 līdz 30 gadu vecumam, kas ieinteresēti projekta tēmā vēlas attīstīt sevī komunikācijas prasmes, kreativitāti, uzņēmējdarbību, publiskās runas un uzstāšanos prasmes, kas vēlas iemācities

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Good news about project “xeNOphobia 2.0”

We have good news.  Our antixenophobic memes are used on the Internet by other groups.  Intercultural Communication Group Finally United Latvija, in which there are ongoing discussions about xenophobia and interethnic dialogue, uses our pictures as a FB group header cover.  This suggests that we are doing everything right and our creative message is not only heard, but also continues

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Antixenophobic creativity – meet at February 20

The time has come for a new big meeting.  We invite everyone to whom our Latvia is not indifferent.  Who wants to see her beautiful, happy and successful country.  We will talk about the problem of xenophobia in our country.  We will say that fear and aggression are out of date, in the modern global world, effectiveness and success brings

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xeNOphobia 2.0 – Solidarity project against xenophobia

After finalizing our first Solidarity project Discussion club “xeNOphobia” we understood that topic of xenophobia and discrimination is very actual in Latvian society. We are planning to continue to inform people about this topic and together create different ways to overcome xenophobia. From January 1, 2020 we are started new Solidarity project “xeNOphobia 2.0”. Open discussions and creative workshops will

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“MandarineLand 2019”: 10 Christmas events created by volunteers for 429 children from disadvantaged families and orphanages

You know that magic only exists when you believe in it? 🎄In the MandariniaLand all believes in magic – both adults and children. Even those children who in ordinary life often see not the wonders, but quite the contrary – weekdays many of them are much tougher and harder than ours. This project is exactly form them, and Mandarinialand every

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