Riga hosts the annual multicultural festival COUNT OF MAY, which unites cultures, eras and people!

As every year, for the eleventh time in a row, a bright multicultural festival COUNT OF MAY 2022 will be celebrated in Riga – a festival that inspires, celebrates the interaction of creativity, cultures and eras and unites people from different cultures.

We invite young volunteers from 18 to 30 y.old. from Latvia and other EU countries to apply for the organization of the festival.
You will learn to work in an international team, organize large public events, communicate with people from different countries, find your place in the active part of society and bring joy and happiness to others with your activities!

About the festival


The Count of May in Latvia came in the Middle Ages from Germany, Scandinavia, Gotland and England, where it has long been celebrated as a Spring Festival. The Count of May, who symbolized spring, came to the towns and villages with a large suite. The earliest information about the Count of May festival in Riga has been preserved since the 15th century, when the Count of May was elected in the presence of the city council in an open space outside the city. Count of May earned her title for a year and was always one of the brothers in the Grand Guild. The participants of the festival went on a solemn procession to the Great Guild, where the feast followed.


The participation of young volunteers in the festival is co-financed by the European Commission’s European Solidarity Corps, which is administered by the Agency for International Youth Programs in Latvia. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

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