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One of our social projects – integration project for kids from Latvian orphanages and poor families “Mandarinu Zeme” (MandarineLand).

Since 2013 every year we organize interactive Christmas events for children.

Project Mandarinu Zeme is organized only by our organization together with by volunteers and active citizens without any financial supports from funds or municipalities.

Every year more then 300 children from Latvian orphanages participates in our integration events, play team games based on communication and social integration, learn about society and self-esteem in play mode, get sweet presents from Santa and a lot of tangerines. What is more important – these children get love from our volunteers and good feeling about people around them. Our goal in this project – is to make kids believe in real miracles and love.

More about project “Mandarinu Zeme” is here.


We are taking part in organization and also organize by ourselves multi-culture and social festivals, helping people to get actively involved in all organizational process of the project, making people more active in social life, especially youngsters and students with fewer opportunities.

Our open space festival-carnival “Count of May”, based on XV century Riga culture tradition was started from 2013, and it is the biggest spring carnival in Baltic states, and every year a thousands of people are participating in carnival program as well as in organizational and stuff support based on volunteers. More about annual festival “Count of May” in Riga read here.

T30 CLUB – creative place for creative people

We created our own social club – space for expression and implementation for creative ideas and projects.

T30 Club is a space for social activities, for meetings of our volunteers and young teams, also it is a place for creating events for children and adults in very fairy tale atmosphere.

We create thematic events and birthdays for children and adults, trying to not only make fun, but in the same time introduce our guests with important values – self-improving and getting higher self-esteem, team-building, helping each other.

We do believe in miracles and want to share it with others.


More then 3 years we oranize a summer camp “The Order of Golden Dragon” for children form 8 till 14 y.o. – adventure camp for young brave knights and amazones. Adventures and tournaments, medieval atmosphere and legends about brave knigths like king Arthur – we help children due playing games to get new knowledges in European history and introduce them such European values, as trust, responsibility, love, respect, team working and tolerance to all who is different in any way.

By organizing this camp we provide participation in this camp for children from Latvian orphanages and social risks groups.

Feedbacks suggested that participation improved children’s skills, confidence and self-esteem.

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