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Manifesto “GREEN RESET”

Green Reset Movement Project

This is the movement for joining.  A project where any organization or person may undertake an obligation to ecology and society to create a safer and environmentally friendly world of the future, make their efforts to improve the environment in the world.

Manifesto “Green Reset”

There is a time when it is no longer possible in the world to think only about your benefit.  The new era of stakeholders must come to the world of consumption. Challenges of climate change, the threat of dismantling natural resources, environmental pollution can no longer be a matter of individual people.  Movement for the preservation of resources and the green world should be a common matter for all mankind.

We must all participate in this movement or loss will be irreversible.

No matter what area you are acting, in volunteering, projects, business.  We invite you to join and take our manifesto “Green reset”.

It doesn’t matter what you do and what projects are implementing. By joining a “Green reset”, you are taking as a norm: a refusal of non-ecological solutions, upcycling, a choice in favor of alternative energy sources, environmental protection.

We welcome all who joined the movement of participation for the green world.  And in all our projects, we undertake to adhere to the rules of solidarity and increased responsibility regarding the environmental problems of society.

1 We accept the challenge of climate change.  And we are trying to use in our projects ecological travel options, where possible, and also to reduce other actions that can lead to climate change.  We go to the maximum use in our projects alternative energy types.  We draw the attention of partners that the refusal to use gas and oil resources should became for norm in the process of rebooting for all in the future.

2. We accept the challenge of environmental clogging.  Every year one person throws about 300 kilograms of solid household waste.  10 million tons of plastic waste annually enters the world ocean.  By 2050, the weight of plastic in the ocean will be greater than the weight of all ocean fish – more than 2 billion tons.  And we assume the refusal to use plastic and conscious reduction of garbage waste in our projects.  And also give preference to use long-term materials and reusing them.

3. We refuse to participate in the murder of trees.  Take a challenge of cutting paper and cardboard consumption, in those places where we still need to use paper or cardboard – we can consciously use only recycled materials.

4. We accept a challenge of overproduction.  And every time when it is possible, we make a choice in your projects in favor of upcycling and sharing.

5 We challenge the manipulations of archaic society, thinking only about personal gain.  And we show all the opportunity that the world can be different.  The world, where our future, our ecosystem will be safe and that it depends on each of us.

If we start with ourselves, many will join us and a drops will became to a stream.

We invite you to join the “Green Reset” project. If you care climate problems and the preservation of the long-term sustainable friendly environment, the preservation of the green world for descendants – Join us now!

Manifesto of Culture Association Alternate Reality, 17.03.2021.

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