Erasmus+ projects

Culture Assotiation “Alternate Reality” is open for partnership in international Youth exchanges projects of Erasmus+.

We are sending, hosting and coordinating organization and always interested in new stable and perspective partners in Program countries and Partner countries.

Our goals in Youth work:

  • to develop and straighten a bridges between young people with different cultural backgrounds, with different levels of opportunitie
  • to involve young people in life-long  learning process
  • to raise awareness and understanding of other cultures and countries;
  • to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue, tolerance between young people from different countries and coming from different backgroungds;
  • to expand their knowledge on the notions of multiculturalism, acceptance and tolerance


Also we are planning to participate in EVS program as sending and hosting organization and now we are in progress with that.

If you are looking for new partners in Latvia for Erasmus + projects, feel free to contact us:


ph. (371) 22 189 430 (also Whatsup)

Irina Kurpniece

Member of Board

Culture Association " Alternate Reality"