“Net Art for Tolerance” YE

Youth Exchange “Net Art For Tolerance” is a project co-funded by Erasmus+ programme uniting young people from 6 EU countries: Latvia, Cyprus, France, Romania, FYROM, Italy
Dates: 31.08.-09.09.2019
Place: Paphos, Cyprus

Aims of the project:
to promote the awareness of tolerance and socially active
opposition to xenophobia among young people, including young
people with fewer opportunities and disabilities.

Project objectives:

  • to provide to young people with deeper knowledge about
    xenophobia, tolerance, minorities;
  • to analyze xenophobia and minorities challenges in the
    participating countries and in the wider
    context, and to look for solutions on different levels;
  • to promote responsible and tolerant behavior among young
  • to give young people a space for beginning of social and
    creative self expression
  • to promote active citizenship of young people, esp. in the field
    of tolerance, xenophobia and rights of
  • to promote inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities
    through providing them opportunities
    to participate on the equal level in the international youth
  • to promote diversity, intercultural dialogue and tolerance
    between young people from different
    countries through sharing, learning and working together in the
    international team;
  • to promote sense of initiative of young people through working
    on the solutions to the global issues
    and organizing own community actions;
  • to promote international cooperation between youth
    organisations in the sphere of non-formal
    education of young people through working together on the
    international project.


undefinedCoordinator of the project
Kulturas biedriba “Alternativa Realitate” (Culture Association Alternative Reality) Latvia

undefined Youth Dynamics, Cyprus

undefinedContrôle-Z Nouvelle Aquitaine, France

undefinedAssociation for Cultural and Educational Development YOUTH ON BOARD, FYROM (former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia)

undefinedAsociatia Expert for Security and Global Affairs (ESGA), Romania

undefinedVedogiovane Società Cooperativa Sociale, Italy

During this project we are planning many non-formal learning methods to introduce to young people main definitions of tolerance, xenophobia, minorities, and to raise awareness about xenophobia in our society.
Participants will consider the possibilities of modern art in the expression of active citizenship and intercultural dialogue, as well as the possibilities of modern, contemporary art in the protection of European democratic values.
The product of the project will be сreation by participants of a virtual “art space” project – a web site/platform, where participants and other internet users can create, add and store their creative work against xenophobia in modern society.
It is planned that the web site/platform will be taken by the minority and xenophobia problems in societies of different countries.


  • young people of 18-25 y. o.;
  • personally interested in the topic of tolerance, xenophobia, ready to share and gain new experience;
  • motivated to take active part in the project;
  • motivated to share the experience gained during the project in their communities and use the obtained knowledge
    on practice;
  • the majority of them never have been abroad and never participated in the international meetings like that;
  • at least half of the participants from each national group are the young people with fewer opportunities through
    economical, social matters or culture obstacles. There are participants who have educational difficulties and are not
    involved into any study or working activities (NEET).
    Part of participants belong to the cultural minorities in their local communities including refugees and internally
    displaced people.
The project Net Art For Tolerance was financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This
publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.