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Our thanks to all partners and participants of YE project “Splashes of Diversity”

Dear partners and new friends!

We want to thank you for this amazing project we made together.
Youth Exchange “Splashes of Diversity” is helped to connect us in very unordinary way. Now we know much more about our cultures, countries, values, traditions, expectations and hopes. Now we know how different we are and how important to understand each person who is different in any way.

Every of us is a person with individual culture and social background, and also all of us respects traditions of our countries and nations, but also we had to learn traditions of other cultures, countries and people.
All together we’d tried to find a solution for such issues as discrimination, migrant’s issues, intercultural shock and adaptation in our rapidly growing multicultural society. Now many of us feel more self-confident in different situations meeting people from different cultures, for many of us it was the first experience in such non-formal educational program as Erasmus+, many of us had find new friends in different countries. Now we much better understand, what we mean when we say “European values”, “tolerance”, “intercultural dialogue”, solidarity and social inclusion.
As you remember, at the first part of the project in Ukraine we made a theatre scene for local children about such values as respect, love, honesty, about discrimination and tolerance, about what we believe in. Those of you who have been participated in the first part of the project in December 2017 in Ukraine – you remember how reacted the kids about all these things, which we were telling them from our hearts.

About the second part of the project at March 2018 in Latvia – it was so nice to see how you meet again like best friends, and all new participants had this warm friendly feeling around them. We learned so much about inter-culture dialogue, played role game simulated migrant’s issues, and we remember some participants was really cried because they felt these roles very deeply in their hearts. All together we prepared a photos and interviews of real migrants from different war or danger zones, and made a photo exhibition of them. These true life stories touched our souls and we wanted to share our feelings with others. A photo exhibition “From life to life” was opened in Riga till May 20, 2018. Many young Latvian people could see these photos and life stories in the café-youth center Spiikizi.

For us – Kulturas biedriba “Alternativa Realitate” it was the first Youth Exchange project as for applycant and coordinator, so here is many thigs to learn from you, from more experienced friends. With your help we succesfully started, made and reached the main objectives of this youth exchange: promoting diversity, understanding of other cultures, intercultural dialogue, tolerance between people drom different countries and with different culture backgrounds, to learn and understand more about migrant’s and refugee’s issues.

We want to tell big big thanks to all partner organizations and all participants of Youth Exchange “Splashes of Diversity”. Thank you for sharing with us your live stories, your experience, your kindness and your opened hearts.
Thanks again to all our partners in this project:


Institute for Democratic Changes (IDC) (Georgia),

Center for Euroinitiatives(Ukraine),

YOUth Connect (Italy)

System & G – Greece / Latvia SINDESMOS SISTIMA KAI GENIA (Greece).
We will be glad to meet and make projects with you again!

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The project Splashes of Diversity was financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in

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