Youth exchange “OCCATERRA: land of opportunities”

Our new project is a creative mix of our general training camp, social-political role game OCCATERRA made by our youngsters, and Erasmus+ youth exchange.

All activities are mixed and created especially for youngsters 13-17 y.o. from Latvia, Cyprus, Poland, Estonia, and Ukraine.

Some of the activities are challenging for participants, some are fun, and some have the serious topic of active youth participation – all together are aimed to involve youngsters in an active lifestyle and different processes of society, promoting active citizenship, diversity, inclusion, and a healthy lifestyle on the nature. How to make so serious topics interesting for youngsters – is a challenge for us and our team of young activists of our organization Alternative Reality.

We think our team is doing great, and they also are learning daily by facilitating so many training and activities for other youngsters.

We are really proud of all our participants, they try new things and are ready to become stronger and more active!




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