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The activities of the “Alternative Reality” cultural society in the field of youth since 2013, including our five-year experience in the Erasmus+ program, as well as future plans, are focused on diverse personality development, development of leadership qualities in young people, promotion of active participation, provision of versatile non-formal education opportunities for young people . We place a special emphasis on youth creativity, culture, sports, art activities, social activities, organization of youth participation activities, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, opportunities to participate in decision-making – these are aspects that, in our opinion, are vital for the well-being and growth of young people.
This generation will greatly drive the achievement of all Sustainable Development Goals. They will also be the ones living with their results. Investments in youth education, health and well-being, as well as the development and support of youth-led organisations, initiatives and partnerships, will be critical to achieving each of the Sustainable Development Goals. Young people are invaluable members of our future, investing in youth is also investing in our future.
In 2022, our plans in the field of Erasmus+ consist of mutually agreed activities that focus both on the inclusion of young people, improving their physical and mental health, on improving the competencies of youth workers and creating new approaches in youth work, and on increasing the capacity of the organization and creating a network of partner organizations for youth in the field, thereby contributing to the achievement of the strategic goals of our organization.The activities applied in the project form a bridge between organizations in the field of youth, youth workers and young people, promoting the involvement of all target groups in achieving the SDGs and EU Youth goals, creating a common future already today.
With the help of the activities of the OUR FUTURE STARTS TODAY project, we want to draw the attention of young people and youth workers to the interaction of EU youth goals and SDGs – incl. aspects of education, digital skills, environment and sustainable development, creating effective models for the future, as they all directly affect the development opportunities of society.
The goal of the project is to expand the understanding of youth leaders, youth workers and young people about the interaction of global societal problems that affect the development of society in general and youth development in particular, based on the SDGs and EU youth goals, and to jointly create new effective ways of expanding long-term youth work to help for young people to determine their future both on a personal level and in society as a whole, focusing on young people with limited opportunities – young migrants, refugees, minorities and rural youth.
Youth workers, youth leaders, representatives of partner organizations and volunteers participated in the project activity, incl. young people with limited opportunities.

Pano Arodes Paleontology Museum

The OUR FUTURE STARTS TODAY project activity was the first of three planned interrelated activities within the 2022 project.

With the help of this activity, we want to give youth leaders and youth workers the opportunity to consider various aspects of building the future – from personal future to common future on a planetary scale. A clear understanding of the interplay between personal and societal goals will enable youth workers to incorporate these aspects into their work with youth and help young people to develop their own personal development strategies by understanding the big picture of the world.
Now more than ever, youth workers need to have a clear idea of ​​what youth work is needed, how to answer questions of interest to young people, what methods to use to effectively engage young people, especially with fewer opportunities. better understanding of the “big picture” and finding your place in society.
With the help of project activities, we want to draw the attention of youth workers to the interaction of the EU Youth Goals and the SDGs – incl. the aspect of inclusion, education, digital skills, environment and sustainable development, creating effective models for the future, as they all directly affect the development opportunities of society.
This project is planned as the first step in a series of successive projects planned to be organized by partner organizations in different EU countries within the framework of Youth Goal # 9, involving new partners and participants, thus expanding the network of partner organizations in the field of youth, and strengthening the opportunities of young people to effectively participate in decision-making processes.

For this purpose, within the framework of the project, it was planned to take the first steps to organize “youth spaces” in the rural region of Cyprus, Arodes, together with Partner Organizations, for the regular operation of which it is planned to involve young people and volunteers within the framework of various Erasmus+ and ESK projects.

In this way, Youth Goal 9 will be promoted, i.e. – youth-led physical spaces and infrastructure are organized, i.e. ‘youth spaces’ that are autonomous, open and safe, accessible to all and that provide professional support for growth and provide opportunities for youth participation.
The continuation of the project envisages the creation of a “Strategic Partnership” project with participating Partner organizations, which will contribute to the sustainability and development of the results of the OUR FUTURE STARTS TODAY project.

34 youth workers, youth leaders and volunteers from 4 partner countries participated in the OUR FUTURE STARTS TODAY activity: Latvia, Poland, Cyprus and Norway.
Partner organizations:
Cultural Society “Alternative Reality”, Latvia
Youth Dynamics, Cyprus
“Youth International Non-Formal Cultural and Educational Center “DiGrease’s Buffoon Theater” Poland
Creatorium, Norway.

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