30.08.2020 In Vermanes Garden, within the framework of the IX International Multicultural Festival “May Count’s Feast 2020”, a social action took place – the performance “CHANGE THE WORLD – THINK WISER”. It focuses on the promotion of volunteering and active participation in community processes. Festival-carnival “May Count’s Festival 2020” is an annual festival organized in the format of a historical carnival on the basis of Riga’s medieval cultural tradition.

Volunteering can be likened to modern chivalry. Where during the festival, the participants offered the participants of the event to become modern knights – volunteers and choose the feats that are suitable for them. Where the event symbolizes ancient European values ​​such as Solidarity, Equality and Democracy.

Representatives of such public organizations as “Alternatīvā Realitāte”, “Be kind”, “Smaids”, “Bioetika” took part in the social action-performance. These are organizations that volunteer and involve citizens in various social projects – related to ecology, animal assistance, assistance to the poor, work with orphanages, combating xenophobia, etc.

At the performance stand in an informal and attractive way, volunteers, including participants from previous activities, offered visitors to get acquainted with several volunteer organizations and their activities, and were introduced to various opportunities to join the volunteer work. Thus promoting volunteering and active citizenship. Which helped to pool the resources of several public organizations, which can help in the implementation of further joint integration and participation projects in different areas, as well as increase the capacity of these organizations.

Visitors to the event were asked to complete questionnaires to identify a more appropriate type of volunteering. Following the event, these questionnaires were handed over to organizations so that they could involve stakeholders in their future projects. With this, we hope that more active young people will find interesting voluntary work.

The event is financially supported by the Society Integration Fund from the Latvian state budget funds allocated by the Ministry of Culture.

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