Count of may 2020: united in diversity

Ladies and gentlemen!

On August 30, we invite you to the Vermanes Garden, which will turn into the Country of Fantasy for the whole day.

The annual international multicultural festival-carnival ′′Count of May 2020 ′′ is ready to meet adult and kids. This is a celebration that unites reality and fairy tale, allows us to dive into the kaleidoscope of different eras, myths, legends and cultures. A holiday that brings people together for creativity and inspiration.
Start to sharpen your sword to participate in knight tournaments! Only the strongest and most brave knight will deserve the title of May Count. 
Get the scissors, fabric, ribbons and start creating your masquerade costume! You will have the opportunity to participate in the costume contest, as well as participate in the costume parade on the streets of Riga.

This year we will celebrate 300 years since the birth of the greatest fantasy person – Baron Munhgausen and 50 years of the film ′′ Devil’s Servants at the Devil Mil ” created at Riga cinema studio.

The concert of the May Count will feature many creative performances of different cultures and genres. Dance, musical, circus and theater performances are expected, as well as much more. Games, entertainment, creative and circus workshops are waiting for large and small participants!

Free entrance from 10:00 to 22:00

More info: http://www.maijagrafs.lv

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