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Home. A place that many of us strongly associate with a sense of safety. In the most remote, deep antiquity, the family was perceived as a fortress. From the most remote, deep antiquity, the family was perceived as a fortress. A fortress whose walls are impregnable in the face of a hostile reality. But now political unrest, epidemics, quarantines and other unfortunate mistakes of mankind do not leave in their path either a hole, or a ravine, or a single shelter under which modern man could be saved. The era turns the family into a wolf pit, into a real gas chamber, in the depths of which poisonous curls of discord and quarrels bloom, leading to psychological, physical, and sexual violence.

A team of young activists, with the support of the cultural center #AlternatīvaRealitāte, together with all those who are not apathetic, initiated a deep discussion within the framework of the “Defuse Domestic Violence” company, the purpose of which was to identify the causes of domestic violence, discuss options for preventing domestic violence, as well as find various ways to attract this problem of public attention.

As part of the ACTArea project, which was held from June 6 to 12 and dedicated to non-violent activism, the Latvian team initiated a social action #SafetyForMeIs

What does security mean to you? Is it a specific place, a lovely person, favorable conditions? It has a different meaning for everyone. We invite you to post your photo under the hashtag #ForMeSafetyIs with the answer to the question, what is safety for you personally.

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