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Today, at Dec 5, 2017 participants of Youth Exchange “Splashes of Diversity” has got the chance to “read” one of the books in Human Library. They all tell about their personal exprience with other cultures. All the books are excited to meet a participants. Every participants had chance “to read” two of them.


Ben Steward

BOOK “Be Your Own Hero, Do Your Own Stuff ”
Ben Steward, Peace Corps volunteer
What do a young man search in the life? Inspiration? Motivation? Emotions? New acquaintance? Adventures or experience? All these splashes create the Ukrainian life of the young American guy. New home, new culture, so diverse and completely different.


Eleni Boulli

BOOK “Living the Sumy experience”
Eleni Boulli, EVS volunteer:
“I’m gonna be honest with you. When I first saw this place, I was shocked. I left Greece, a sunny place, full of happy colors and I came here, where the view is depressing. But now, living the Sumy experience, I think that this view is just beautiful. Look around you – people, all these buildings, the flowers in the park, the grey colors in the sky, it’s like a sad poem. A beautiful poem though. This place has many life-experiences to offer and I’m ready for them. The best part is that I met these sweet people. They make every day special and I’m grateful for that. Open your mind, your eyes and your heart and let the Sumy experience get all over you!”


Jada Woodley

BOOK “Carry on your thorny way”
Jada Woodley, Peace Corps volunteer:
“The worst part of my childhood, my parents’ divorce, is what led me on an active path, which ultimately led to me applying to become a Peace Corps Volunteer. I love volunteering. Volunteering and civic activism is a tradition in the US that is engrained into many of us from a young age, but many Ukrainians are shocked to hear that I choose to live AND volunteer in Sumy, Ukraine for two years”


Ukrainian mom

BOOK “Ukrainian Mom for the American lady”
Maryna Rybalka, self-employed, local volunteer.
A true story about the Ukrainian singe mother, who has been hosting a Peace Corps Volunteer in her flat for last 18 months. Something Ukrainian, something American, borshch and the Thanksgiving turkey, the American dream and the Ukrainian reality – this is the successful cocktail of the good intercultural friendship.


The project “Splashes of Diversity” was financed with the support of European Commission’s “Erasmus+: Youth in Action” administered in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth. This publication reflects only the author’s views, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained there in.


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