Inclusive role-playing game “Save the Witch”: women’s rights in the history of Europe and today: what is changed and what should be changed more?

The Latvian team of volunteers has recently made an inclusive role-playing game called “Save the Witch” which aims to educate players about women’s rights in history. Through various quests, players are taken on a journey that highlights the changes that have been made in women’s rights over the years, as well as the issues that still persist today.

The game designers were inspired to create “Save the Witch” after realizing that there is a lack of uneducated public on this topic. The team felt that it was important to create a game that addressed women’s issues in a fun and engaging way.

One of the key messages of “Save the Witch” is that although there has been progress in terms of women’s rights, there is still much work to be done. The game highlights the struggles that women throughout history have faced, including discrimination, inequality, and oppression. Players are encouraged to reflect on these challenges and think about what they can do to help create a more equal and just society.

Throughout the game, players are also introduced to some of the brave women who have fought for women’s rights over the years. From suffragettes to civil rights activists, “Save the Witch” showcases the power of women and the impact they have had on history.

Overall, “Save the Witch” is an excellent example of a game that combines entertainment with education. Through its engaging quests and compelling storyline, players are encouraged to think critically about women’s issues and reflect on how they can help make a difference. The Latvian team of volunteers is to be commended for their work in creating such an important and impactful game.

The game will be presented at the annual multicultural festival “Count of May 2023” which will take place on May 21 in Ziedondarzs Park, Riga from 11 to 11 pm.

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