You are not welcome: xenophobic fears

The literal translation of xenophobia is the fear of something strange, alien. When talking about xenophobia, some people use this psychological term, which is not particularly correct. In a more general sense, we talk about xenophobia in the negative sense, using the political definition of the term.

To simplify, let’s imagine that you are walking through the woods, and a giant creature,

unfamiliar and frightful, emerges in front of you. You get scared – and that is the instinct essential for your survival. When we meet something unfamiliar in the society, the same instinct often appears. We start fearing the strange and the unknown, and that is what we call xenophobia.

However, nowadays we have enough protection to make decisions about various entities using reason, not instinct. When we say that xenophobia is wrong, we are talking about the fact that one should not judge the book by its cover. Always try to analyse, to think rationally and critically. Then things that seemed scary or unpleasant at first glance might actually appear to be useful, interesting and full of promise.


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