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New opportunities for capacity building: the Cultural Association “Alternative Reality” launches a project supported by the European Economic Area and the Active Citizen Fund

From March 2023, the Cultural Association “Alternative Reality” is launching a project focusing on strengthening the competences of staff and volunteers. This project was developed in view of the need to educate and train the organisation’s members in key areas such as project management, coordination of volunteers, setting and achieving goals, and the use of the M&E system.

The main objective is to provide high quality and effective training to 12 participants. The training will offer both theoretical and practical material that will enable participants to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively help manage new projects and contribute to the growth of the organisation. This step is particularly important in view of the plans to open a second Youth Centre in the next three years.

The training will involve experts from different fields and participants will have to pass a test at the end of each training. To ensure a sustainable learning process, an educational platform “GUIDE FOR SOCIAL PROJECT RUNNERS” will be set up to bring together all the training materials, useful resources and links. Such a platform will allow both existing and new participants to quickly and efficiently consult the necessary information, contributing to the continuity of the organisation.

We believe that this project will contribute to the sustainability and quality of the association by improving the skills and knowledge of staff and volunteers, and ensure effective participation in international CSO networks.

More information about the project and its activities can be found on our website http://www.alternativa.lv and social networks. We invite all interested parties to follow our news and participate in the project!

“The project A STEP TO THE FUTURE is funded by Iceland,
Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and Norway Grants”.

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