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“MandarineLand 2019”: 10 Christmas events created by volunteers for 429 children from disadvantaged families and orphanages

You know that magic only exists when you believe in it?
🎄In the MandariniaLand all believes in magic – both adults and children. Even those children who in ordinary life often see not the wonders, but quite the contrary – weekdays many of them are much tougher and harder than ours. This project is exactly form them, and Mandarinialand every year is trying to bring to these children the faith to a miracles and in their own power, because they really can do miracles by themselves.
Maybe that’s why every year MandariniaLand is connecting so many kind and open-hearted people who wants to come and help.
💟This year Mandarinia collected 55 volunteers of all ages and destinies, which together spent 10 exciting Christmas events with the wonders of 429 children from orphanages, crisis centres, low-income families of Latvia, and also for children with special needs.
Because we believe everyone needs a good magic.

For us a volunteer is a person with soul facing outward. Giving up its heat and does not require anything in return. That is why our volunteers gets from children such emotional impact – children also feel that those people loves them just from the bottom of their hearts!
It’s nice that the tale and the volunteering involves not only adults, but also children… many people are joining to the project together with their families. It’s very cool when in the 13-14 years the child already understands that he can do something not only for themselves but also for others. It’s probably already become a tradition, but MandarineLand from the beginning in 2013 is not only the fairytale, but for many it has become a school of magic and kindness.
All volunteers-elves in MandariniaLand!
Thank you so much for your help this year, and especially thouse who is joining every year! More than half of the volunteers involved in the project for several years, and we are very pleased to be joined by new faces from different countries!
Because children’s smiles in response to your efforts – priceless.

Let’s see our volunteers closer!
Our Santa Claus Gennady Dumbadze and the snow maiden Nika Karavaieva. Did you know we have a real Santa and real Snowmaiden? Thay both are born at January 1! Indeed!

Our super-elves leading teams and assistants:
Lubova Dumbadze, Jean Karklins Tatjana Mahotina Natalija Spiridonova Natalya Savina Natalia Rakovicha,Kristina Shtale, Kristina Gorepekina, Hlavatska Veronika, Veronika Lešinska Egor Belaev, Kirill Kowalski, Hanna Romanenko ,Anastasia Tarasova, Victoria Bobrysheva, Alexandra Berlinere, Aleksandrs Iļjins, Agita Ijaba ,Semen Bazilevs, Alina Punane, Julia Bugrova Lana Golovanova Sergejs Bremer, irina Livija Ilona Briede, Ilona Panava, Polina Mukajeva, Elīna Rutkovska Ēriks Rasolovs, Toms Rasolovs, Inna Pedane, Laura, Lasma, Diana Stankevich Anastasija Laimiga, Anastasia and Anton Bayda, Alise Eihmane

Assistants, children and teenagers: Victoria and Alvina, Taisia and Michail,
Snowmen Olaf: Viktors Veretjanovs and Karina Kirilenkova
Elves-artist: Ksenija Shamarina and Svetlana Kozlova
Elves-photographers: Vadim Shadrunov , Alice Ustinova Nerugals Aleksandr and Konstantin Sifart

Super-helpers cleaning: Ilya and Viktor
🧝On!!! special thanks to @dina kaimakova for great ears, they perfectly complemented the image of the elves! Many of them admitted that they would like these real 
Also Special thanks to the restaurants Restorans Armenia and BambooK lounge for the support Lunches for children participating in our celebrations.
As well as our deepest appreciation to all those who supported the project and helped to raise funds for sweet gifts, tangerines and Lunches for children.
Mandarinia 2019 took place thanks to you – people with a big heart. We are proud to have you with us. Your warmth is the greatest miracle that allows the project to occur for the seventh year in a row. THANK YOU!

The project “Mandarinu Zeme 2019” was financed with support of European’s Commission European Solidarity Corps, which is administered in Latvia by the Agency of Youth International programs. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.