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You care – you share 2.0: Volunteering project Ukraine

You are from 18 to 30 years old, do you dream of making the world a better place, full of ideas and ready to devote time to this together with peers from other countries?

So volunteering project You care – You share 2.0 is just for you!
15 volunteers from Portugal, Poland, Bulgaria, Latvia, Italy and Ukraine will come together to create charity events for old people in nursing homes.
Together with local volunteers, you will learn how to create events from scratch, think through scripts, promote your events and ideas, as well as get acquainted with different cultures, learn how to work with groups of children and old people.
Accommodation, meals, transport – 100% paid from the European Solidarity Corps fund.


We invite 3 active volunteers aged 18-30, residents of Latvia. We select candidates in Riga


Ukraine, Sumy
February 1st – March 28th, 2020


According to the demographic studies 15.32% of Ukrainians are people over 65 years old, which is around 6.9 million of the population in general. The country takes the first rank in the world in terms of the natural decline of the population. Around 91.000 of youngsters in Ukraine are in orphaned or are educated in the specialized establishments for children with disabilities. During recent months the situations have worsened due to an unstable economic and political situation in Ukraine. Thus, we would like to focus on those categories of people who need extra support and care.

Last two years the Hosting Organization “CENTER FOR EUROINITIATIVES” works in promoting volunteering and empowerment of young people through the net of charity events. A short-term volunteering project “YOU CARE – YOU SHARE” which was successfully implemented in 2018 showed the high demand of the group volunteering projects. “YOU CARE – YOU SHARE 2.0” is a result of the cooperation between 6 organizations from Portugal, Poland, Italy, Latvia, Bulgaria, and Ukraine.

The project’s idea is to engage European youth into developing a charity campaign in the city of Sumy which aims at organizing events for disadvantaged youth, children from specialized establishements and eldery house made in the cooperagtion with local volunteers, Network of school euroclubs, CEI Volunteering Club. European volunteers will team up with local volunteers and work jointly at all stages of the project. The mixed team will develop the project from scratch to the stage when it requires minimal coordination and is sustainable.

And you can get into this team!

Details? Right here!

Want to sign up for volunteers? Apply here

and we will invite you for an interview where you can ask any clarifying questions!

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