Crative internship for a students

There is always room for creative people in our organization.
And often the students of the Baltic International Academy choose the “Alternative Reality” as their place of practice, because here they can develop their creativity and improve their practical skills.
Organizing events from A to A, participating in activities, organizing creative and entertaining activities for children and adults, participating in charity projects, organizing discussion clubs, participating in the society’s social projects – everyone can choose to their heart’s content.
Since 2019, at least 7 students – BIA master’s students have completed an internship with us, and many of them are and remain our friends and active volunteers even after the internship ends. Participation in international projects, communication with foreign partners and youth workers, learning new creative skills – here you will find many different opportunities to improve yourself and benefit others.
We are open to cooperation, and if you have a desire to improve your acquired knowledge on a practical level – we are waiting for you to visit Alternative Reality!

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