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Empowering Youth Employ Ability: Erasmus+ Training Course Supports Job Seekers

Young people today face tough challenges like high unemployment, unfair work conditions, and discrimination. They often lack the information and skills needed to find good jobs. To help them, an Erasmus+ Training Course took place in Larnaca, Cyprus from June 30th to July 8th, 2023.

Aims and Objectives: The training course aimed to help youth workers learn how to find jobs in multicultural environments. It focused on improving skills, promoting inclusion, and encouraging dialogue among different cultures. The participating countries shared experiences and ideas on how to tackle youth unemployment together.

Building Career Plans: Participants received practical training on creating personalized career plans. They learned how to challenge stereotypes, find resources, set goals, overcome obstacles, and present themselves confidently.

Key Topics Covered:

  1. How to Get Hired: Participants discovered strategies to improve their chances of getting hired, such as creating impressive resumes, developing strong interview skills, and understanding what employers want.
  2. Entrepreneurship: The course explored the basics of starting and running a business. It inspired participants to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams by teaching them how to develop ideas, make plans, get funding, and understand legal and financial aspects.
  3. Keeping Up with New Technologies: Participants learned about the impact of new technologies, like artificial intelligence (AI), on different industries. They discovered opportunities to learn new skills, use online platforms, and adapt to technological changes to stay employable.

The Erasmus+ Training Course in Larnaca, Cyprus aimed to address the challenges faced by young people in finding jobs. It equipped youth workers with practical skills to improve their employability in multicultural environments. The project aligned with the objectives of the Erasmus+ program by promoting inclusion and dialogue. It provided a platform for countries to share experiences and ideas on how to tackle youth unemployment together.

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