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Sound Trail 2021: a path to the dream

What does a dream mean to you? How often do you try to make your dreams and desires come true? Why do some people have desires that come true hard, slowly, not the way they want to, or not at all? We believe that this is because dreams and desires must have a purpose.
The goals of the team of the cultural association “Alternative Reality” coincided with the dreams of two young boys from Riga, Latvia. A “Sound Trail 2021” project was born with the support of the European Solidarity Corps program.
“Sound Trail 2021” – a job project in which our organization employed 2 participants with special needs with the aim to help them actively socialize, gain new knowledge, skills and work experience.

We expect from this project that together we will create an internet radio with space for interviews with Erasmus + and ESC participants, reviews, social discussions, music from different cultures and many other interesting news.
In our opinion, there is a big problem in our society with the integration of young people into society, especially if we are talking about young people from groups at risk of social exclusion – Latvian orphanage students, young people in crisis situations, young people with special needs or limited opportunities.
In a developed society, the above reasons must not be a problem: everyone has the right to life, to dream and to fulfill it. In order for young people to be able to feel belonging and full in society, they need to be supported and involved in an active social life.
Every member of society, regardless of social status, gender, nationality, has the right to realize their dreams and needs. The main thing is what kind of people are around you, a sense of belonging and visibility of the results.
The “Sound Trail” project is about how dreams come true no matter what. Two guys from Riga dreamed of connecting their lives with active communication, music, journalism and radio, and they succeeded. On the way to their goal, they learned the basics of journalism, learned how the radio system works, made new friends, acquaintances and made new contacts in the field. In addition, they performed other responsibilities and tasks, increasing their personal, social and professional skills.
Our mentors and coaches are always on hand to help and support you on your way to a goal.
Try, do it, make a mistake, and then try again. Don’t stop until you get what you want, even if it’s hard. The path to a dream is a kind of learning, within which new knowledge, conclusions, experience necessary for an active life are created. It is about the need to use every opportunity to reach your full potential. Get out of your comfort zone, grow, move forward, learn new things and erase all boundaries.
These months in the organization became just the beginning of their future lives and careers. We would like to thank them for their activity, ideas and enthusiasm, and wish them every success in their development.

The “Sound Trail 2021″ project was funded with the support of the European Commission’s European Solidarity Corps, which is administered by the Agency for International Youth Programs in Latvia. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.