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Explore the world – explore yourself: integrational role-game for youth

Everyone likes to be a hero. Everyone also likes to be the author of their own life. Especially if you can make this life the way you want it with your peers. Add to it a splash of imagination, a spoonful of fantasy, a whole bucket of friendship, humor and togetherness.
Not real, you say? There are!
We have a wonderful team of young people who in 10 days have not only become friends, but also invented an interesting developing game for their peers, using their energy, creativity, positive and friendship.
Young people had become role-playing heroes: elves, dwarves, orcs, humans and aliens learned to live together, sharing resources and territories, making compromises or justifying their rights – to enter the government democratically, to vote for positive change or to protest against illegal solutions.
The game introduces young people to the principles of the foundation and existence of society, to the principles of the existence of a democratic state, makes them think about values ​​and respect for each other.
Sharp discussions, wishes, competitions, hiking, fencing and archery training and even conflict resolution tournaments, various models of public administration – everything was tried, analyzed, played and felt during these 10 days!
By engaging in outdoor activities, hiking, fencing training, discussing, discussing the game scenario and milestones, evaluating various game modification options, communicating with positive new friends and evaluating their new skills, young people gained new motivation for the next school year, but also for some job search.

We are really happy that so different young people, so different ages and with different interests were able to find points of common communication, create friendship and understanding, mutual support and respect for each other. We will be glad if the communication of the young people continues outside the project activities, the friendship will be strengthened and the emotions will be only positive.
Our doors are always open to young people who want to try something new, creative, make new friends and like-minded people.
Don’t be afraid to start something new, because the main thing is the first step. And we will help kick it out!

The project was implemented in the Ministry of Education and Science in the frame of National Youth Policy Program for 2021-2023.