Thanks to the opportunity to gather in a group of up to 25 people, of course, within a distance of 2m, we continue our activities little by little.

On May 27, an informal participatory activity was implemented in Imanta for the development of a cohesive and civically active society: an authorial discussion-game with the Riga Municipal Children and Youth Center in cooperation with the Youth Support Center.
In total, 19 people took part in the game, they were the oldest children of the orphanage and their friends.

It was a pleasure to spend time together so exciting, enjoy an active discussion during the game, as well as enjoy a delicious treat during a coffee break. We managed not only to play the game, but also to gain special knowledge of important social issues. Thanks to the activity, the children had the opportunity to get acquainted with concepts such as “democracy” and “active participation”

Discussion-Game “Everyone is important for democracy!” has been prepared with the financial support of the Society Integration Fund from the Latvian state budget. About Discussion-Games “Everyone is important for democracy!” content is the responsibility of the Cultural Association “Alternative Reality”. “

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